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Low Income / Community Writing

This section is devoted to supporting writing communities, collaborative writing projects, and emerging writers who cannot pay for help. You can also find details of free workshops and drop-in sessions under Events.

Are you struggling to develop your writing while making ends meet?

I hope I can help.

I’m currently working on ways to raise funding which will enable me to offer all the options described in this website for free to emerging writers on limited means. Keep an eye on this section for announcements.

But in the meantime, if you need help and can’t afford to pay, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and I’ll do what I can.

Collaborative and Community Writing Projects

I’m passionate about the power of collaborative writing as a form of activism, and as a way of creating lasting change in communities.

At the moment I’m working on building a network of like minds for supporting and promoting collaborative writing projects, particularly those with a strong social justice/community restoration agenda. And I'm keen to help with whatever you’re doing right now — so, wherever you are, if you have a project in development and could use some extra enthusiasm and input, please get in touch and introduce yourself!

Whatever I can offer in the way of techniques, resources, encouragement or contacts, I will.

Here are a few examples of projects which have inspired me:

Current Project: Booktown Writers

Sunsent over the sea near Wigtown, Galloway

This small group is based in Galloway, in rural Southwest Scotland. They contacted me because they felt they were losing focus and momentum as a group, and starting to lack a coherent sense of identity and purpose. They offered me a mentoring mission: to help them revitalise and relaunch the group, and to continue developing as writers. The first thing we did was get together for a good long chat over a couple of days last November, which resulted in a plan involving:

  • A new manifesto and mission statement, expressing the values and priorities of the group
  • A new creative project, to be collaboratively written and performed with input from local communities
  • A collaborative publication based on the project
  • Individual mentoring of group members to help them achieve their own creative and professional goals

Phew! It’s all getting pretty exciting already, and I’ll be writing more about the progress of this project here. You can also read some tips for writers’ groups in my guest blog for Scottish Book Trust.

Booktown Writers have recently applied for funding to support this work. In the meantime, my contribution takes the form of spending a couple of days with the group every two months – which I’m happily providing in return for travel expenses, accommodation, forest walks, visits to harbourside pubs and the sheer pleasure of it!

Would you like to find out whether I can offer funded support to your writing community or project? Just get in touch for a chat.